Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SS2014 – Day 1

We’re baaaa-aack….deep, deep breaths of NYC and a  sense of calm pours over me like warm honey.  The honks, hotdog stands and  marquees are flying past our awesomely dirty cab’s window and Carols and I are in heaven.   Why are we here?   By the grace of God, we here for fashion week.  This time as buyers and that brunette and I could not be any happier.

Last year we got to come cover fashion week for Vie magazine and it was nothing short of magical.   In my wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine getting accredited to go on my own name, but here we are.   Tickets in hand to see the designers’ hearts and souls march down the  runway and straight into The Fuss for you this spring.    But saying “its magical!” doesn’t really capture it in any real way.  So for those of you curious about how it goes, I’ll give you a blow by blow each day while we’re here.

7:30-1:30pm  travel time.   Get your rear end to NYC.

2pm  Arrive at the glorious Empire Hotel.  Why? Cause its feet from the tents.  We stayed uptown last year and while lovely, hated the hike every day

2:15pm Tip the poor guy who lugged our ridiculous bags and run back downstairs to the credentials trailer across the street.   Deal with that for an hour.   There are some super sweet people working in that thing who take some serious abuse.   One four foot diva from Brazil is asked to leave after blowing up in Portuguese.

3:30pm All badged up and running into the tents.   To get there, you have to swim through hundreds of photogs and bloggers taking pics or having pics taken.  a million of them are swarming a tiny blond in the center.   (Joan Rivers, apparently).  Flash your badge to the giant door guys, and you’re hit with cool air, club music and wonderfully insane clothes.   Carols and I grab a beer (i mean, you can take the girl out of the south….) and enjoy the parade.


5pm We missed our Candela show in the cred office, but that doesn’t stop the visual fashion feast.   Dude in the orange tutu or über polished Chanel jacket girl, I love very second.   It’s art, right?   We see the Vie crew and take some pics and then realize we might eat the program, we’re so hungry.


7Pm Full and happy, we take a stroll in Central Park right next to the hotel.

7:30pm.  Decide sleep/organization for tomorrow is more important than Orlando bloom in Romeo and Juliet.   (I might regret this)

8  We unpack and suddenly the room is a mini boutique.



9pm crash.   And dream about the gorgeousness we will see unveiled tomorrow.